Corporate Information

Blairex beginnings...

Blairex Laboratories of Columbus, Indiana is a health care product company servicing health care facilities, doctors and families since 1976. Our products range from sterile saline solutions to sleeping aids.

Anticipating the need for contact lens care, company founders began offering consumers a complete line of contact lens and eye care products. This led to the development of Blairex�s Sterile Aerosol Saline Solution in the mid-1980's.

A few years later, Blairex introduced Broncho Saline®, a non-prescription sterile saline solution used to dilute bronchodilator inhalation medications. Broncho Saline helps millions of people in the treatment of asthma, chronic bronchitis, cystic fibrosis, emphysema and other chronic lung conditions.

The 1990's...

In 1992, Blairex purchased the rights to the 100-year-old Pertussin® trademark adding the cough medication to the product line.

From customer suggestions and the technology from Broncho Saline, Blairex launched a new product in 1997, called Wound Wash Saline®. Wound Wash Saline is a sterile saline solution used to clean minor abrasions to pressure ulcers, and quickly became the cleaning solution of choice among health care facilities and first-aid consumers.

In October of 1999, Blairex doubled its size with the acquisition of fifteen over-the-counter brands, from a major pharmaceutical company. This acquisition increased the Blairex product line to encompass a variety of products ranging from sleeping aids to women�s health care products. (For a list of Blairex featured products, click here)

Into a New Century...

In August of 2000, Blairex completed the construction of its new sales, marketing and distribution facility servicing the United States with state-of-the-art technology.

In June of 2005, four more OTC products were introduced to the growing Blairex product line. This acquisition increased the Blairex product line to include OTC oral care products. (For Zilactin® product line, click here)


Two new Simply Saline® Nasal Mist Cold Formulas were added to the Blairex OTC family. The saline-based homeopathic medicine adds to the growing list of saline solutions.


A new product was added to the growing Simply Saline® family. Simply Saline® Saline Sinus Wash with Natural Sea Salt.


The Simply Saline line continued to expand with the addition of the Simply Saline® sterile nasal mist Children's Allergy & Sinus relief and Simply Saline® nasal mist Children's Cold Formula.

Simply Saline® Brand Wound Wash Saline® Plus Anti-Bacterial first-aid antiseptic was added to compliment the Wound Wash line.