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Encare Vaginal Contraceptive Inserts

Hormone Free Birth Control
Women Trust

Reliable, Effective and Convenient

Non-prescription Encare is a safe and effective contraceptive in a convenient vaginal suppository.

Confidence and Reliability

  • Contains Nonoxynol-9, the spermicide doctors recommend most
  • Double protection
  • Patented formula kills sperm on contact and forms a foam barrier


  • Pre-measured dose of Nonoxynol-9
  • Encare inserts give you one full hour
    of protection
  • Use only before intercourse*

Convenient, easy-to-use insert

  • No daily regimen like hormonal birth control
  • Takes only a moment to insert
  • Individually wrapped
  • No messy applicator
  • Nothing to measure, fill, clean or remove

*Encare requires a 10-minute interval between insertion and intercourse. For added protection, Encare may be used in conjunction with other contraceptive methods, such as condoms or diaphragms.

Available at fine retailers nationwide. Call 1-800-BLAIREX (1-800-252-4739) or (812) 378-1864 to find a location near you or click here to order online from

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