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  Encare® Vaginal Contraceptive Inserts B0221

Hormone-Free Birth Control Women Trust. Non-prescription Encare is a safe and effective contraceptive in a convenient vaginal suppository�with Nonoxynol-9�the spermicide doctors recommend most. Available in 12 and 18 count packages.

  Sleepinal® Capsules B0632

Maximum strength, night-time sleep-aid helps relieve temporary sleeplessness so you can fall asleep fast and wake rested and ready for a new day. Clinically proven safe, effective and non-habit forming, Sleepinal single dose capsules are available in 16 and 32-count packages.

  Zilactin® Early Relief Cold Sore Gel B4680

Use Zilactin® Gel on a cold sore or fever blister. The bioadhesive forms a seal to promote healing and relieve pain for up to 6 hours. Dries clear. 0.25 fl oz.

  Zilactin®-B 6 Hour Canker and Mouth Sore Relief B5503

If you suffer from painful sores inside your mouth, Zilactin®-B can help. The bioadhesive forms a barrier over the sore and helps promote healing. It allows you to eat and drink pain-free for up to 6 hours. Designed to help relieve pain caused by canker sores, dentures, braces and minor mouth sores and irritations. Net wt. 0.25 fl oz.

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