Blairex Laboratories, Inc

Innovative Pharmaceutical Products

Blairex Laboratories, Inc. of Columbus, Indiana is an innovative pharmaceutical company providing a family of quality products for the consumer, pharmaceutical, and professional markets since 1976. Over the course of Blairex’s history, it has either developed or acquired products ranging from sterile saline solutions, sleeping aids, cold sore medications, to diaper rash ointments. Blairex’s expertise and focus on the highest quality products with innovative packaging and delivery systems is the cornerstone of its 40 plus years of success.

The continued success is based on the fundamental principle to provide exceptional customer service with the understanding that “our jobs depend upon satisfying our customers by producing quality products through continuous improvement.”

Blairex Products

Personal Aromatherapy

100% Natural Essential Oils + Moisturizing Saline
On-the-go Aromatherapy

Breathe Free Essentials utilizes personal, portable PureHale™ technology to effortlessly deliver 100% natural essential oils that soothe your senses, relax your body and bring clarity to your mind — anywhere, anytime.

  • Available in Soothing, Relaxing, and Clarity
  • No cords, no mixing
  • Silent operation
  • Gentle, moisturing mist

Breathe Free Essentials are made in the USA and built on the trust of a family-owned brand.


Relief from Insomnia


Cold Sore / Oral Pain Treatment