Breathe Free Essentials

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Breathe Free Essentials

Available in 3 unique blends, Breathe Free Essentials lets you create your own personal retreat anytime, anywhere. Utilizing PureHale™ technology, this ready-to-use nebulizer-like device combines the benefits of 100% natural essential oils with saline to moisturize your nasal passages while soothing your senses, relaxing your body and bringing clarity to your mind.

  • Soothing – menthol + eucalyptus + tea tree
  • Relaxing – lavender + clary sage + marjoram
  • Clarity – rosemary + sandalwood + peppermint + eucalyptus

Use Breathe Free Essentials to clear the chaos of life and make room for the calm. Your own personal retreat with no cords, or strings, attached.

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Essential Oil Blends


Breathe Free Essentials CLARITY gently delivers 100% natural essential oils — rosemary + sandalwood + peppermint + eucalyptus — to bring clarity to your mind, maintain focus and feel refreshed.


Breathe Free Essentials RELAXING gently delivers 100% natural essential oils — lavender + clary sage + marjoram — to quiet your mind and relax your body.


Breathe Free Essentials SOOTHING gently delivers 100% natural essential oils — menthol + eucalyptus + tea tree — to lift and balance your mood and stimulate your mind.